ISC History Answer Key 2021 Class 12 pdf – ISC Environmental Science Answer Key 2021 Sem 1

ISC conducted the history exam on 16 Dec 2021. Now all the students can analyze their exam paper using the answer key from here.

Answer Key allows you to analyze how your exam went. If you answered correctly, you can find out from here. If you answer incorrectly, your number will be deducted.

Exam BoardIndian Certificate of Secondary Education
(Indian School Certificate)
Subject NameHistory
Exam Date16 Dec 2021
Exam time02:00 pm – 03:30 pm
TopicAnswer key
Question TypeMCQ Questions

Question paper analysis is very important for a student. Because from here you can prepare for the next academic year. If you want to do better, you have to work harder.

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ISC History answer key 2021 Class 12
ISC History answer key 2021 Class 12

ISC History answer key 2021 Class 12

Remember that this answer key is made by an experienced teacher. This is not the official answer. We will update this post when the official answer key will be released for everyone. Stay tuned for the next update. Answer key credit goest to ICSEhelp

1 A
2 A
3 C
4 B
5 C
6 D
7 C
8 D
9 C
10 B
11 B
12 D
13 C
14 D
15 C
16 D
17 B
18 C
19 C
20 C
21 C
22 B
23 A
24 D
25 C
26 C
27 C
28 B
29 D
30 B
31 (i)D, (ii)C
32 (i)B, (ii)B
33 (i)D, (ii)B
34 (i)B, (ii)C
35 (i)C, (ii)D
36 (i)D, (ii)D
37 (i)B, (ii)C
38 (i)A, (ii)C
39 (i)C, (ii)B
40 (i)C, (ii)B
41 (i)B, (ii)C
42 (i)B, (ii)C
43 (i)C, (ii)C
44 (i)B, (ii)C
45 (i)A, (ii)B
46 (i)A, (ii)C, (iii)B, (iv) C
47 (i)D, (ii)D, (iii)C, (iv) B
48 (i)D, (ii)B, (iii)C, (iv) C
49 (i)B, (ii)A, (iii)D, (iv) D
50 (i)D, (ii)A, (iii)B, (iv) D

Download pdf versionISC History answer key 2021 Class 12

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